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Hello, we are PolarStar pharma,
your gateway partner into new pharmaceutical frontiers.

PolarStar pharma is a European-owned legal entity with an operational base and representative office in Moscow, formed by individuals with an extensive experience of more than 25 years with multinational pharmaceutical corporations in Russia, CIS and the Baltic regions.

Our strategic goal is to identify Western pharmaceutical manufacturers not yet present in Russia, CIS and the Baltic regions and to offer successful market entries through tailor made solutions. PolarStar pharma's competitive edge is that products are not only purchased, but also actively developed and promoted within a high competitive market environment, which consequently stands for substantial investments in the areas of personnel, infrastructure, marketing and lobbying activities amongst key decision makers. Our local operational structure allows us to carry out sales, marketing and regulatory affairs at the highest level with confdence, effciency, bespoke solutions and an enviable track record of success.

Let PolarStar pharma guide you to new markets, expand your business influence and take your sales to new levels.


With over 25 years of experience and a portfolio of success,
PolarStar pharma is your key strategic partner in
guiding your business to new markets.

Direct Sales

With a “Marketing and Distribution” contract, we buy, develop and distribute your products. All that is left for you to do is reap the rewards and watch your business grow. Easy.


Either directly or through our local partners, we can register products of all types of pharmaceutical formulas from FS to MD and RX. We are also part of the Russian organisations CDSP and RSPP who look after the interest of Food Supplement producers.


We can enter into a direct licensing partnership with you or nd the right partners suited to becoming your trusted expert licensing agency to meet your every need.

Market Development

Looking to grow? We can help and/or directly manage your product sales, marketing strategies and distribution needs in new markets. Give us your product exclusively and we will manage your marketing development needs directly or in co-marketing.


Looking for experts in the Russian and/or CIS market? No problem. We can provide you with an expert full consultancy service to help you successfully navigate new markets and territories around your products and strategic needs.

Corporate Set-Up

Thinking about registering a company or opening a representative of ce in Russia or CIS? What a nightmare! But don’t worry, we can help you navigate the bureaucratic maze and endless red tape. Avoid the headaches and contact us today.


Do you need a complete analysis regarding your product’s potential in new markets? Or perhaps your looking for a speci c product or local partner? Contact us today and save money and time.

Tailor Made for You

Do you have particular requests? Perfect. We understand that every business has its own targets , objectives and ways of doing things. We pride ourselves in delivering quality and that bespoke client-centric magic touch.

Find Out More

If you are interested in one or more of our services, have any questions related to how we can help you, or wish to discuss possible partnerships or ways we can enter into a professional relationship together, then we would like to hear from you.

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Specialised in building bridges between the World and Russia
to drive new profits into your business models.

From the Rest of the World to Russia & CIS

Do you want to expand your business in this fast-paced developing region? Let us be your guide into Russia and CIS.

From Russia & CIS to the Rest of the World

Are you looking for ways for expanding your business beyond Russia and CIS? Let us be your vehicle to the rest of the world.

Discover Our Range

We have a wide selection of products we are already working with and more which are in the process of being registered, produced and/or distributed.

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Over the years, we have built a winning portfolio of
leading international clients and strategic partners.

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